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~ Neighborhood News ~
Pool Area Renovation Project/2021
As all residents know, the pool has been closed due to the renovation of the bathrooms. The Board is pleased to inform you the bathrooms passed all inspections today and the pool will open this Friday (07/16).
We take this opportunity to remind you that there will not be chairs and chase chairs available yet, as we will soon start the second phase of the project (roof repair, pressure washing and painting, paving and pool resurfacing). If you would like to know more, please attend the next board meeting on July/28 at Pool Area.
Please see below document from our CPA on how to make association payments online as well as their contact information.
If you have not turned in the owner registration form to pick up the resident parking stickers and visitor hang-tags, please read below:

For the parking stickers, please fill out the forms and e-mail to:,, and Once we have the form, we'll assign the decals and visitor passes and either arrange for pick-up or deliver to your address. 

Please make sure you add all three e-mail addresses 
              FORM 1
              FORM 2 

~ Homeowner Profile ~
If you are a Paloma Lakes resident and have not registered on our community website, please do.  Proof of residency is required.
New registrations are processed once per month, and will receive approval at the monthly HOA Board Meetings.  As a registered user you will be able to access all of the information within the Residents section.
To register, simply click on the Register link that is above the Welcome banner on the top left hand side of this page.  From the registration page, carefully fill out the required information, and then click on the Submit button.  Once submitted, you will receive an email* with your username and password.
When you have received your username and password, click on the Login link located in the top left hand side of this page.  Upon entering your username and password, you will have access to all of the information within the Residents section of this website.
* Please note that your registration email information will be sent from our website account - - Please ensure that this address is not blocked by your email application as spam or junk mail.

~ Upcoming Events ~
Friday, April 30th to Friday, December 31st
The Board meeting normally are scheduled for the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:00PM
August 25th ** at Pool area - please bring your own chair**
September 22th
October 27th
November and December will be scheduled later.

~ General Information ~
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